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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Simple tips and tricks to get the blush just right!

Apply blush to your face to resemble the natural glow of your cheeks and watch the compliments flow in. A hint of makeup blush, then u can look fresher and prettier. When it comes to applying your blush, less is best. Let's learn the best way to put on blusher.

How to Apply Blush
  • Determine your face shape before applying blush. 
  • Concentrate blush on the center of the face for high cheekbones. 
  • Smile into the mirror to find out the 'apple spot' on your cheek. Apply blush from this spot to your hairline
  • Blend well. There shouldn't be an obvious patch or line of color on the cheeks. 
  • Sweep powder blushes in one direction always. 
  • Always tap off excess powder blush before applying it on the cheeks.
  • A dot of cream blush applied on the apples of the cheeks must be worked upon to blend with the hairline. 
  • A hint of shimmering blush on the highest point of your cheeks can add a hint of drama. 

How to apply blush for round faces: 
  • Give an illusion of slenderness by applying blush in a sideways V on the cheekbones. Blend it well and add a bit to the chin.

How to apply blush for square faces: 
  • Soften the square angles of the face with dab of blush on the forehead and chin. Apply blush from the center of the eyes towards the cheekbones and blend.

How to apply blush for rectangular faces: 
  • Apply blush below the outer corners of the eyes so as to reduce the elongated square shape.

How to apply blush for oval faces: 
  • Apply blush to the prominent part of the cheekbone and blend towards the temples.

Blush Color

Choose blush to suit the occasion and the time of the day. What goes well for a dramatic evening can be over the top for office wear. For day wear, choose a lighter color than you would at night. 

Nothing brings a dull, drowsy face to life faster than a quick sweep of blush!!

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Stay Beautiful,
Nad Aenn

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